Exclusive Partnership

An exclusive partnership only for the patrons of Rosso Italiano to create memorable memories.

We are the only company in Qatar who has the privilege to be associated with a wide range of exclusive partnership.

  • PINELLA PASSARO, Celebrated Italian Fashion Designer

  • A prominent & renowned Italian designer who has gained a huge success only because of her creativity, passion & professionalism in her work. She is a reference point for most famous brides in Italy. Her unique and unrepeatable design can make a bride look like a fairy on the most important day of her life. She can help you in choosing from a wide choice and have access to famous Italian & International fashion designers and including her own personal designs. Heading a century old company that proudly contributes to hold up the tag 'Made in Italy' so high.

  • PIERANTONIO FRISO, Reputed Celebrity Handmade Shoemaker

  • A creative master in the art of luxury Italian shoes. He designs, creates & produces shoes that are simply pieces of art. He makes the shoes in a completely traditional way and entirely by hand. The drawing sketches and design remains in the hand of the clients as it is made especially & exclusively for them and the style of the shoe won’t be repeated in order to emphasize the uniqueness of his masterpiece.

  • PASQUALE di PAOLO, Famous Italian VIP Floral Designer

  • One of the greatest asset of Rosso Italiano is this celebrity floral designer. He, with his lavish & extraordinary creations has made the difference during events for celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Naomi Campbell and exclusive corporate events for Damiani, Porche just to name a few. He will enrich the venue with his rare creations and his touch of class!

  • FRANK BORDONI, World Renowned Celebrity Chef

  • A wedding is incomplete without a chef to tantalize the taste buds of your beloved family & guests. Multi awarded Celebrity Chef Frank Bordoni combines the taste of Italian cuisine to the properties of fresh food in a healthy Mediterranean diet. Bordoni's love of healthy food led to him championing organic food and he is now regarded as the UK’s leading authority on cooking with organic food. Innovative, classic & highly talented at the same time, he is able to surprise and impress the ones with the most sophisticated palates.

  • MAURIZIO FUSCO, Prominent Handmade Jewelry Designer

  • Jewels are the seal that binds the most beautiful memories to a stone. No one better than this prominent handmade jewelry designer knows the importance of having the right jewelry that will be able to speak for ever alone with his splendor and remind you of unforgettable moments. Raised in a family for 3 generations of goldsmiths, Maurizio has always been surrounded by beauty and developed an aesthetic sense that is reflected in his choice of graphics and design, selection of materials and precious stones.

    His creations, distinctly different, one-off piece because designed by him and completely handmade. Piece of art that will tell you stories about passion and love for this ancient art, that will give you warmth and unique emotions. Expert gemologist and design of great stature, all his creations and jewels have international authenticity and guarantee certification.

  • MARINA AVELLA, Talented Italian Hair Stylist

  • Styles may change, but what she brings is more than style, it’s art. Marina Avella revolutionized the art of hairdressing with her creativity eye and unparalleled talent.

    Born in Rome she has been a hairstylist for more than 20 years. The passion for this work has deep roots and grown over the years nourished by the experience, continuous updates and searching of new styles according to the new fashion trends but at the same time with a strong personal characterization. At the center of her makeover approach is the philosophy that a woman’ s beauty lives in her individuality.

    She worked alongside famous celebrities in fashion shows of Erkan Coruh for Alta Moda Roma and for Roma Film Festival. Marina continued her working career with the Italian television and collaborated with Maria De Filippi, one of the most famous and powerful woman of the Italian television.

    In her work she applies the same philosophy that guide her life: always look forward, develop as a human being and as a professional and travel the world with a comb, scissors and a brush.

  • STEFANIA COPPOLA, Stunning Italian Makeup Artist

  • Our world famous makeup artist, has an unquestionable talent and creativity that have allowed her to work for the greatest celebrities of cinema, theatre and television.

    Stefania started her career in 2002, attending a training course at ‘Studio 13’, one of the most prestigious make up academies in Italy. Later, she was chosen as a Teacher, directly by the artistic director Paolo Panczyk.
    Stefania continued her working career with the Italian television and with the Opera theatre of Rome.
    She collaborated with Maria De Filippi, one of the most famous and powerful woman of the Italian television, taking care of her international guests.

    During her successful career she had the opportunity to make up a lot of celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Vincent Cassel, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Spacey, Lily Cole, Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Costner, Matthew McConaughey, Juliette Binoche, Jude Law and the list could go on and on.

  • LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY, Most Elegant Photography Team

  • What lasts of the most important day of your life? Surely many beautiful memories! How not fade the memories and make them stay alive in the memory? With one of the best Italian photography team. They are not only wedding photographers, but story tellers. They create stories through their photographs that become indelible. Always with a smile they become an integral part of our wedding day.

    "We do not want just to take pictures, what we seek is to transfer our interpretation of reality, in the important moments of that unforgettable day through lens".- Life Photography

    The female team of Life Photography has created unforgettable moments for most important wedding in Europe and Middle East.